Common Travel Issues


As the new semester gets underway, faculty and staff will be traveling to conferences and other university-related functions.  That means more travel requests and expense reports.  Here are some things to keep in mind for travelers that can make the reimbursement process easier.




  • When using “Lodging Conference,” if any document is not attached showing the hotel name, then it will be adjusted to CONUS rates.

  • In order to be reimbursed for hotel room internet access, the traveler must explain why it is necessary.


  • Be sure all airfare receipts include class of fare – Travelocity, Orbitz, etc. will not always do this, and therefore use of these vendors is discouraged

  • Be sure to obtain proper airfare quotes when additional personal destinations are included with UT business.

  • Be sure to change the region code when flying into one city and staying in another – this is to properly calculate the lodging and meal per diems.

  • Be sure the departure and return dates match the dates on the airline receipt.

  • Be sure the domestic arrival time and the end trip time match.


  • Meals on personal time cannot be claimed on the expense report.

  • Meals provided by the conference registration or hotel need to be deducted from the meal per diem – this does not include continental breakfasts or conference receptions.

  • Travelers on one-day travel status with no overnight stay are not eligible for reimbursement for meals.

Scanning/Imaging (for all campuses EXCEPT the Health Science Center)

  • A new scan (with new receipts) must be attached to any expense report that has been re-submitted after having been rejected.

  • Be sure the scanned images are easily readable:

           o        Make sure the images aren’t scanned upside down or


           o        Make sure the imaged receipts are numbered and in

                    the correct order.

           o        Make sure the totals or other items on an imaged

                     receipt are visible (i.e., not marked through or


  • Always be sure that it is the correct documentation that is scanned and attached.

  • Also remember that the scanned documents don’t have to be in color, so signatures in black are perfectly acceptable.

Other Suggestions

  • Any personal travel combined with university business, as well as additional destinations, must be listed on the expense report.

  • Remember to put the complete reason for the purpose of your trip – it can’t simply be “meeting,” “conference,” “research,” etc.  The purpose needs to be stated more specifically.

  • Receipts with amounts in foreign currency have to show conversions on the receipt itself.  If not, the conversion must be calculated on a conversion website and be attached to the receipt.  The conversion rate and the date on the receipt must also correspond.

  • Once a trip is approved by the Treasurer’s Office or the Central Campus Business Office, a department must wait 24 hours before going back into the expense report.

                 o        Failing to wait will stop the payment of the newly released expenses.

  • Provide a sufficient itemized rental car receipt.

                  o        Quotes and estimates alone are not sufficient.

                  o        Be sure to deduct any insurance, such as Collision Damage Waiver,                     since they are generally not eligible for reimbursement.








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